:: Frequently Asked Questions ::

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So you’ve come to cut my grass. What’s the process?
First, the lawn is cleared of sticks and debris (manual mowers don’t pulverize debris like power mowers do) and then mowed. Clippings are left on the lawn as natural compost. A hand blade is then used to trim any high growth missed by the mower. Areas of high visibility (around mailbox, lamppost etc.) inaccessible to the mower are trimmed with a hand trimmer. Walkways, sidewalks and driveways are swept clean.
How often should I have my grass cut?
We recommend a minimum of once a week during the growing season (roughly March through November) for best results.
What if my grass is really high?
Manual mowing is only effective on grass that is less than 6” tall. That’s why we strongly recommend weekly mowing. If you’ve let your lawn go, it will need an initial pass with a power mower.
This sounds labor intensive. Won’t it be expensive?
Absolutely not! Our rates are competitive with those of traditional lawn care companies. We’ve kept it that way because we believe in our mission and want your business!
How do you set your rates?
For your convenience, we offer a flat, 3 tier pricing system based on the square footage of total lawn area (front, back and sides). Estimate of square footage need not be exact – we will generally round down to the lower rate. On- site estimates are free and cheerfully given. Extra charges may
apply for major landscape irregularities (steep hills, heavily wooded lots, obstructions etc) but your rate will always be quoted and locked in (in writing) before work begins.
What additional services do you offer?
We do hand aeration (recommended at least once per year), yard debris pickup and bagging, leaf raking and bagging (no blowers!), bush and shrub trimming, weeding and pine straw mulching. Additional charges apply. We do not apply pesticides or herbicides. In the near future, we hope to offer lawn seeding and planting services. Just ask!
When is payment due?
Your first 4 visits are “pay as you go” with payment due at completion of each visit. This a chance for you to get to know us, fine-tune our service to your specific needs and generally see if we are for you. If you decide to continue, we ask that you pay for the next 4 visits (and each subsequent series of 4 visits) in advance. A yearly service contract is also available at a significant discount.