Our Mission :: "The Old Way of the Future!

Featured Article in Atlanta's Journal-Constitution
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Like most folks, I am deeply concerned about our over-reliance on oil and the resulting damage to our environment from greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists have concluded that global warming is occurring and that we, and our machines, share much of the blame. Still, there is a great deal all of us can do to slow this process and limit its scope. One simple way is through our choice in the care of lawn care.

It is in this spirit that I am introducing The Kindest Cut – the metro area's premier lawncare company dedicated to the manual method of mowing!
I’ve always cut my own lawn in this simple yet effective manner and would be proud to cut yours. A healthier lawn and a healthier environment - a “win-win” proposition! Allow us gently care for your lawn and you will be doing something positive for the Earth in the process – it’s a service you can feel good about!
No harmful emissions. No fossil fuels. No noise pollution.
Gas-powered lawn mowers are major polluters – in fact, a single gas mower emits more noxious chemicals than a full-size automobile burning the same amount of fuel! This is because gas mowers are not required to have emission control systems. The manual mower has no motor and burns only calories – and eliminates noise pollution as well! It’s great for your lawn too! Gas- powered rotary mowers often “scalp” the grass to an unhealthy height, decreasing resistance to disease and encouraging weed seeds to grow. The gentle scissors action of the manual reel mower doesn’t stress the grass and promotes a naturally vital and vibrant lawn.